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Natural Bug Spray

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Are you tired of running inside to escape the mosquitoes? We were! Our Natural Insect Spray became the answer - and it can be yours as well! After years of research and testing, we have a product that you can safely put on your skin to protect you from mosquitoes. Get your outdoor-life back and enjoy doing what you love again without fear of mosquitoes!  Our product is 100% guaranteed to work. The Center for Disease Control lists our ingredients as being as effective as DEET. It has been used around the world - with success! If, however, you are part of the one-in-a-thousand people who report being bitten by a mosquito, chigger,  or tick while using our product, we will refund your money in full.


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Natural Insect Spray



Hazard Communication Safety Data Sheet

1, Identification:

ATJ Natural Insect Spray Emergency telephone number 904-885-3859 

110 Rose Island Way 

Ponte Vedra, Florida 32082.

2, Hazard(s) identification:

Potential health effects:

EYE CONTACT may cause irritation on direct contact. 

SKIN CONTACT may cause irritation to people allergic to:

Vanilla, Lemon Eucalyptus, Rosemary or Lavender essential oils


Could be harmful if swallowed in large quantities.


No adverse effects expected.

3, Composition/information: 

OSHA regulated components. Are (present at a concentration of >1%

Not Applicable

4, First-aid measures

If sprayed in eyes: flush with water. 

If swallowed in large concentrations. 

Induce vomiting then go to the emergency room

5, Fire-fighting measures:

30 percent oil flammable use dry retardant such as baking soda.

Or any OSHA approved FIRE retardant plan.

6, Accidental release measures 

If released in quantity of 5 or more gallons:

Clean up using gloves and face masks.

Material may be soaked up with paper or cloth

and thrown into any landfill it does not pose any environmental threat.

Handling and storage:

Store in a sealed container in temperatures under 180 f.

8, Exposure controls/personal : 

general controls:

Avoid eye contact. 

9, Physical and chemical properties 

Light milky brown liquid. 

With a lemon scent.

10, Stability and reactivity

This product is stable Hazardous polymerization will not occur. 

Incompatible materials : None known.

Hazardous decomposition: None known

Section 11, Toxicological information This product has not been tested as a whole. 

However each component has been tested and all pass. 

And the end product has been evaluated by doctors who all see combined health hazards

ATJ Natural Insect Spray Is safe as intended for use.

14, Transport information* 

There are no special transportation requirements.

15, Regulatory information* 

RCRA( 40 cfr 261 subpart b Not Applicable 

Clean Water Act: Not Applicable.

Clean Air Act: Not Applicable.

SARA Not Applicable.

There are no known regulatory issues. 

Or any issues that are out of compliance with any OSHA regulation.

16, Other information

Effective date . 10/23/2019

*The information on this sheet is to the material identified and is Believed by the ATJ NATURAL INSECT SPRAY to be correct based on its knowledge and information that we have found as of the date noted. ATJ NATURAL INSECT SPRAY makes no representation. Guaranty. Or warranty. Expressed or implied as to the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of the information and assumes no responsibility for injury. Damage or loss from the use of ATJ NATURAL INSECT SPRAY.

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